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It’s an Organic Approach to living green. We want you to experience what it’s like to live again; and we are with you every step of the way. The OLO Way!

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We are a cutting edge company with a focus on green living the organic way. Our team is passionate, caring and excited to hear from you.

Goal 1

Open Local Dispensaries

Goal 2

Fully take care of our patients

Goal 3

Lead the Change Socially



Corey K Tucker, Founder

Corey K. Tucker

I’m curious by nature. I’m often buried in research, listening to podcasts, or booking lunches with knowledgeable professionals. That curiosity has led me to build a small business, acquire recruiting skills, scale online digital products, learn small business leadership skills, web development, and sales presentations. In my free time, I perform out and enjoy connecting with others at those venues. I dream of hosting green cooking events with live music and discuss a vision of how green will transform our economy, healthcare, and judicial system.

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